Friday, August 16, 2013

Roger Taylor releasing solo album in October – Jeff Beck is guest guitarist

By: WOW247 

Queen's Roger Taylor & Jeff Beck

Queen drummer Roger Taylor is releasing his new solo album in October, and it includes a team-up with Jeff Beck.

Fun On Earth is Taylor’s first solo LP in 15 years, with its title mirroring his 1981 debut Fun In Space. The veteran rocker’s solo collection, The Lot, will be released that same month.

Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Brian May & Queen Elizabeth II

Legendary guitarist Beck, who shot to fame with the Jeff Beck Group and The Yardbirds, plays on the track ’Say It’s Not True’.

The album was recorded over a period of five years, and some of its material is political.

Back in 2010, Taylor said :

“What happened to the protest song? Music is now so polished and predictable, we have forgotten to try and say something with it.

“We are fighting a pointless war which is killing our young soldiers; the nation is utterly bankrupt; we are spied upon by 5 million cameras. I’m pissed off – you should be too.”

Taylor was a key songwriter for Queen throughout their renowned career, penning famous hits such as ‘A Kind Of Magic’ and ‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives’.