Thursday, August 6, 2015

A woman with terminal cancer has been granted a wish - to meet her singing idol, Adam Lambert.

A Rotorua woman with terminal cancer has been granted a wish - to meet her singing idol, Adam Lambert.

Lyn Hepburn met the touring American singer last night as part of radio station The Hits segment Polly to the Rescue after her daughters Jodi Hepburn-Le Comte and Casey Kiernan wrote in saying why they believed their mother deserved it.

Mrs Hepburn was diagnosed with cancer in January and suffered heart attacks in February and June. Her daughters wrote she had been given three months to live.

Lambert performed an iHeartRadio concert in Auckland last night where tickets could be obtained only through a competition.

"She [Mrs Hepburn] is absolutely obsessed with Adam Lambert and right now we are thankful for the fact he is coming to New Zealand, as it is giving mum something to focus on and fight for. She thinks it is fate as not only is he coming but the timeframe makes it possible for her dream to come true," Mrs Hepburn-Le Comte wrote.

"As a family we are trying to do everything in our power to make her dream come true and we are pleading that if you are able to help she is the most deserving woman. My mum Lyn Hepburn is an amazing, loving and generous lady who has done everything for everyone her entire life. .

"Currently every day, all day, she is listening to the hype and buildup of Adam coming to New Zealand, and I mean it when I say it is giving her a will to live.

"Even her doctors and hospice nurses have been bombarded with Adam Lambert and although most didn't know who he was they are all experts now haha. Mum calls Adam her modern-day Elvis."

The Hits host Polly Gillespie called Mrs Hepburn on Tuesday to tell her she and her daughters would be flown up to Auckland, given tickets to the concert, accommodation and a meet-and-greet with Lambert.

Before the concert yesterday, Mrs Kiernan told the Rotorua Daily Post it all felt surreal.

"If Mum could meet one person in the world, he is the absolute number one. It's an absolute dream for her and we're grateful we're able to share in this with her."

Rotorua The Hits host Paul Hickey said it was great to see a local recognised and acknowledged throughout the country on a nationwide show.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Today in Music History: 1980, Queen perform at the City Myriad, Oklahoma, USA

08.08.1980 - Concert: Queen live at the Myriad, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
CityOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Support bandDakota
Video recordingdoesn't exist - if you have any footage, please contact me
Line-upFreddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano, tambourine, acoustic guitar),
Brian May (electric guitar, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, piano),
Roger Taylor (drums, lead vocals, backing vocals, timpani),
John Deacon (bass guitar)
ProgramThe Game tour program (USA)
Tour T-shirtsThe Game US tour (1980) - front , The Game US tour (1980) - frontThe Game US tour (1980) - back , The Game US tour (1980) - front
The Game US tour (1980) - back , The Game tour (1980) - front
Ticket stubTicket: Concert: Queen live at the Myriad, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA [08.08.1980]
(the ticket is resized and might look strange - but if you save it to your harddisk, it will look fine :-)
Ticket in my collection?yes
PhotosPhotos supplied by:
Photo: Concert: Queen live at the Myriad, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA [08.08.1980]

WATCH: Adam Lambert Absolutely Killed It On ‘The Voice’ Australia With ‘Ghost Town’

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Queen’s Brian May is a member of NASA’s New Horizon team

This is common knowledge to many, but still really cool. Brian May, the famed guitarist from Queen, finished his Ph.D. in astrophysics in 2007. He began work on the degree 36 years ago, but it was put on hold when his band blew up and made him a world-famous rock star.

Well a few weeks ago when NASA’s New Horizon space probe flew past Pluto, May was on hand to help NASA interpret the data.

“The Gods of the Underworld must have been with me, because I was there when the first…full-planet picture was downloaded from the probe,” May wrote on his blog.

According to the Smithsonian, the images you see everywhere of Pluto is the work of May himself.

In addition to sifting through some of the images and information gleaned from New Horizons, May compiled the first high-quality stereo image of Pluto. Single-lens cameras produce images that look as if you just covered up one of your eyes, but a stereo photograph can appear to be three-dimensional with the help of a stereoscope.

“Of course the New Horizons guys were already doing serious science on this image as it arrived,” May wrote. “But I was able to assemble the two images to make the most satisfying stereo view I can ever remember making.”

While at first this just seems like a story of someone having it all, no level of rock-star fame by itself qualifies someone to be an astrophysicist. May had to put in some serious work to reach the level he did, especially after leaving academia behind over 36 years ago.

This story should be seen as inspirational and serve as a reminder that it is never too late to go out and reach your goals.

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A Stunning Six Foot High Portrait of Rock Legend Freddie Mercury is About to be Unveiled in Shrewsbur

A stunning six foot high portrait of rock legend Freddie Mercury is about to be unveiled in Shrewsbury. 

The picture, which gives a Tudor twist to the former Queen front man, has been commissioned by Henry Tudor House, a restaurant, bar and music venue in the centre of town and is the latest in its collection of amazing artwork. 

There are already portraits of some of the world’s most famous rock and roll names in the establishment, situated just off Wyle Cop.

 Owner Graham Jenkins said that he was delighted with the new painting, created by Shrewsbury artist Adam Birch.
 “It is an amazing piece of artwork which will shortly be gracing the walls of our bar, joining portraits of Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, Marc Bolan and Sid Vicious, who are all also painted in period style,” he said. 

Graham explained that when he carried out an extensive refurbishment project on the historic half-timbered building he wanted to give it a contemporary feel and the paintings added a startling twist to its interior design.

 “Henry Tudor House has developed into a thriving venue for some leading singers and bands and what better way to pay tribute to some of this country’s most renowned musicians than by portraying them with some Tudor style and swagger.

 “The half-timbered interior of the premises has been carefully preserved and the décor complements its heritage but in a quirky way.

 “Customers absolutely love the paintings…they look so authentic that people often do a double take when they realise the subjects are famous rock stars. We are sure the Freddie Mercury picture will cause quite a stir.

” Shrewsbury artist Adam, a graduate of Wolverhampton University, undertakes commissions all over the world from his studio in The Square and was short listed for the final selection of this year’s prestigious international BP portrait award. 

He specialises in ecclesiastical work and has had commissioned portraits of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis and is now working on commissioned portraits of the Archbishop of Westminster and the Archbishop of Luxembourg. 

“I am very pleased with the way the Freddie Mercury painting has turned out. I have created him in the dark and stately manner of the Tudor aesthetic and included his famous lyrics ‘I want to break free’ in Latin scripture in the picture.”