Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Queen Extravaganza Live Finalists:

The 26 vocalists and musicians that will be taking part in the Queen Extravaganza Live Final on Monday December 5th at the Foo Fighters studio in Los Angeles, California are as follows:

Selcuk Sami Cingi
Cody Bond
David Martel
Tyler Martin
Sean Slaughter
Marc Martel
Michelle Jameson
Jennifer Espinoza
Aisha Elmehdaoui
Roy Ziv
Tristan Avakian
Richie Castellano
Brian Gresh
John Notto
Steve Zukovsky
Jason Du Preez
Nico Saavedra
Tyler Warren
Billy Orrico
Zach Mullings
Francoise Olivier Doyon
Brian Weaver
Juano Davison
Brandon Ethridge
Tushar Apte
Mac Willaert
The list above is made up of the 21 highest voted for auditions by the public and 5 wild cards selected by Roger Taylor. All those listed above will be contacted shortly with more information on the Live Final and travel arrangements.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Queen Days Of Our Lives DVD/Blu-Ray

Out Now! – Universal Music
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"This fantastic and moving two-parter tells the story of the finest live band in the history of rock. There's archive footage of past performances, interviews with the members and, best of all, plenty of insider anecdotes; the choicest being Elton John's reaction to Bohemian Rhapsody: "Are you off your head? You'll never get that played." The Guardian.
In 1971, four college students got together to form a rock band.
Since then, that certain band called Queen have released 26 albums and sold over 300 million records worldwide. The popularity of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon is stronger than ever 40 years on. This past weekend in front of an estimated TV audience of 1.2 billion they were honoured with the Global Icon Award at the 2011 MTV EMA.
But for Queen the journey was no bed of roses. No pleasure cruise. Queen had their share of kicks in the face, but they came through - and this is how they did it.  
Set against a backdrop of brilliant music and stunning live performances from every corner of the globe, Queen: ‘Days of Our Lives’ - available in both Blu-Ray and standard DVD formats, released 28th November through Universal Music, brings Queen’s 40th Anniversary year to a close in suitably regal style.
‘Days Of Our Lives’ began as a two-part documentary produced by long-term Queen collaborators and life long fans Rhys Thomas (the comedian who famously broke the Mastermind all time record points score with a specialist subject of Queen) and Simon Lupton, and directed by the renowned director Matt Casey.   After 10 years of making Queen DVDs, Lupton and Thomas were asked by the band to produce the definitive 40th Anniversary documentary and after almost a year of painstaking research and editing, this was the result.   
Split over two episodes, Part One covering 1970-80, Part Two 1980 – present day, the documentary is a genuine rollercoaster of rock and roll history.    
In this film, for the first time, it is the band that tells their story. Featuring brand new interviews with Brian May and Roger Taylor and unseen archive footage - including their recently unearthed first ever TV performance - it is a compelling story told with intelligence, wit, plenty of humour and painful honesty.
Rhys Thomas comments, “We set out to make the definitive Queen documentary. It's a funny, honest, inspiring and ultimately tragic account of ‘a certain band called Queen’, as told by the band themselves. We tell the story of four students who met in West London, slogged hard and conquered the world, ultimately changing rock music forever.”
When originally broadcast in the UK on BBC 2 across two nights in May of this year, ‘Queen: Days of Our Lives’ was the highest rated TV show on in its slot, beating every other channel and peaking with 3 million viewers.  It has been widely regarded as one of the finest rock documentaries made and the critical reaction was outstanding. “Funny that,” says Thomas, “considering Queen were always denounced by the press!”
Say Queen’s Brian May: “The Boys did a fantastic Job on this documentary ... with little interference from us !   I think this one will set the bench mark for years to come.”
Thomas explains the transfer of the original BBC documentary to DVD release: “When originally making the series it wasn’t easy condensing 40 years of Queen down to just two hours.  In fact, there was so much more to be said and so much more to be seen. Thanks to Blu-Ray and DVD, so much more of that story can now be told". 
“As the two documentaries worked so well, we resisted the idea of making an epic 3-hour ‘Extended Cut’. They are always boring, and as Freddie said to his manager Jim Beach in his last days: “Do anything you want with my music dear, but never make me boring!
“So rather than simply dump a load of ‘deleted scenes’ onto the DVD and Blu-Ray, Simon and I decided to edit them all with as much love, time and care as we put into the main documentary. What we have as a result is a great companion to the main story and some real gems, most notably covering the formation of the band and the making of the last three albums which was only touched upon in the televised version. For instance, we learn from Brian how John Deacon made a cut in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for the record company and Freddie’s reaction;  the revelation that Freddie was not sober during the making of ‘Spread Your Wings’/’We Will Rock You’ in Roger’s back garden, and a hilarious sequence about Queen and their love of Scrabble.
“As well as the new sequences, there are 7 new videos.  Excerpts were featured in the main documentary, but we have completed them, and here on DVD and Blu- Ray they appear in full.”
The Blu-Ray format allows for additional bonus material and therefore differs in content to the Standard DVD release.  Please check credits for each release. 
‘Queen: Days of our Lives’ Blu-Ray & Standard DVD content descriptions:
Documentary Part 1 – 59 mins
Documentary Part 2 – 59 mins.
ADDITIONAL VIDEOS – Blu-Ray and Standard DVD (24 mins):
Seven Seas Of Rhye 2011: A compilation of all four Top Of The Pops and Rainbow Live performances from 1974 – all unseen
Killer Queen 2011: A compilation of two Top of The Pops performances, one the familiar 1974 Christmas Special, the other - discovered in the late British comedian Dick Emery’s private collection, hasn’t been seen since 1974, the original master tape wiped from the BBC archives.
Somebody To Love 2011: This is a new edit of the video using the four takes shot on the day, most of which has never before been seen. 
We Are The Champions 2011: In 1977, cameras filmed Queen recording a new version of the song for the promo video.  This video shows the band performing and mixing this unreleased version in two live takes. An instrumental version of this closed Part One of ‘Days of our Lives’.  Here for the first time the video can be seen in its entirety.
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2011: A new edit of the video compiled from the rushes including outtakes and unseen angles.
Under Pressure 2011: A new video intercutting Queen’s first live performance of the song in Montreal 81 and Queen + David Bowie at the Freddie Mercury Tribute. 
Radio Ga Ga 2011: This new video includes unseen colour footage from the 1984 Radio Ga Ga video shoot plus rushes and outtakes.
BONUS SEQUENCES – Blu-Ray (59 mins) / Standard DVD (21 mins only):
Queen: The Beginning: A detailed look at how Queen formed in 1971. Covering Smile, finding John Deacon, and the early struggles of the band.
Queen On Tour 1974-5: Featuring Queen at the Rainbow and unseen footage of the band touring Japan for the first time. Includes excerpts of ‘Now I’m Here’, ‘Killer Queen’ and ‘In The Lap Of The Gods’ live.
Bohemian Rhapsody:Brian reveals how John Deacon made a cut in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for the record company, only to be dismissed by Freddie:  “Either it’s released in it’s entirety or not at all!.”
Working Together: The Band discuss their working relationship, including unheard archive of Queen having a ‘creative discussion!’ 
Leaving John Reid: An in-depth account of how the band left manager John Reid and set up Queen Productions – plus the revelation that Freddie was not sober during the making of ‘Spread Your Wings’/’We Will Rock You’ in Roger’s back garden. 
Don’t Stop Me Now: Brian and Roger discuss ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ and the ‘Guitar Version’ discarded by Freddie.
Flash Gordon: A short sequence on the making of Queen’s first film soundtrack, ‘Flash Gordon’, plus an alternate promo video.
Making Videos: The band discuss the video making process, featuring lots of unseen outtakes. 
Scrabble Wars: A hilarious sequence about Queen and their love of Scrabble. You will just have to watch!
From Magic to The Miracle: In the three years between ‘A Kind Of Magic’ and ‘The Miracle’, the members of Queen went through some life changing experiences in their working and personal lives. This chapter sheds light on what went on behind closed doors.
Going Slightly Mad: The Making of Innuendo: In 1991 Queen hit the charts with a No.1 album and single, ‘Innuendo.’  Creatively the band were reinvigorated, their material better than ever, but beneath the surface, they all had to face the fact that Freddie was seriously ill and time was running out.
Made In Heaven: Roger and Brian talk about the making of the last Queen album, ‘Made In Heaven’, working with Freddie in his final weeks, as well and working with the material he had recorded after he had passed away and the emotional distress it caused.
Return To Imperial: Brian returns to Imperial College and shows us around the college where he and Roger first met, formed Smile and ultimately Queen. 
BONUS INTERVIEWS -  Blu-Ray (19 mins).  Not included on Standard DVD:
The Bonus Interview section contains various interesting, funny and insightful footage that didn’t fit into any particular sequence but was too great to leave on the cutting room floor.
Queen: ‘Days Of Our Lives’  
Formats: Blu-Ray / Standard DVD (Versions differ)
Available from 28th November 2011 
Format Contents:
Documentary Part 1 – 59 mins
Documentary Part 2 – 59 mins
Additional Videos – 24 mins
Seven Seas Of Rhye 2011
Killer Queen 2011
Somebody To Love 2011 
We Are The Champions 2011
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2011
Under Pressure 2011
Radio Ga Ga 2011
Bonus Sequences - 59 mins
Queen: The Beginning
Queen On Tour 1974-5
Bohemian Rhapsody
Working Together
Leaving John Reid
Don’t Stop Me Now
Flash Gordon
Making Videos
Scrabble Wars
From Magic to The Miracle
Going Slightly Mad: The Making of Innuendo
Made In Heaven
Return To Imperial
Bonus Interviews – 19 mins. Not included on standard DVD
Documentary Part 1 – 59 mins
Documentary Part 2 – 59 mins
Additional Videos – 24 mins
Seven Seas Of Rhye 2011
Killer Queen 2011
Somebody To Love 2011 
We Are The Champions 2011
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2011
Under Pressure 2011
Radio Ga Ga 2011
Bonus Sequences - 21 mins
From Magic to The Miracle
Made In Heaven
Going Slightly Mad: The
Making of Innuendo
‘Days of Our Lives’ – Original BBC 2 broadcast quotes: 
"This evocative chronological profile is strong on anecdote, performance and unseen footage, with astute and amusing contributions from John Deacon, Brian May and Roger Taylor - the surviving champions of the world." Sunday Times.
"A rich colourful history celebrated here in this essential documentary". The Times Weekend
"This film celebrates (Queen’s) career, picking apart their grandiose approach to making music which singled them out as a satin-robed breath of air at a time of denim-clad rock." Mail on Sunday.
Product Details:
Format: DVD-9
Standard: NTSC
Region Code: Playable in all Regions
Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo (documentaries) LPCM (Videos)
Duration: 164 minutes
Format: Blu-Ray 50
Standard: 1080i 59.94 (NTSC)
Region Code: Playable in all Regions
Audio: LPCM
Duration: 221 minutes

'Scrabble Wars!' - a great fun clip taken from the Blu-Ray bonus material on the Days Of Our Lives release. Out worldwide 28th November! (except N.America).