Thursday, August 6, 2015

A woman with terminal cancer has been granted a wish - to meet her singing idol, Adam Lambert.

A Rotorua woman with terminal cancer has been granted a wish - to meet her singing idol, Adam Lambert.

Lyn Hepburn met the touring American singer last night as part of radio station The Hits segment Polly to the Rescue after her daughters Jodi Hepburn-Le Comte and Casey Kiernan wrote in saying why they believed their mother deserved it.

Mrs Hepburn was diagnosed with cancer in January and suffered heart attacks in February and June. Her daughters wrote she had been given three months to live.

Lambert performed an iHeartRadio concert in Auckland last night where tickets could be obtained only through a competition.

"She [Mrs Hepburn] is absolutely obsessed with Adam Lambert and right now we are thankful for the fact he is coming to New Zealand, as it is giving mum something to focus on and fight for. She thinks it is fate as not only is he coming but the timeframe makes it possible for her dream to come true," Mrs Hepburn-Le Comte wrote.

"As a family we are trying to do everything in our power to make her dream come true and we are pleading that if you are able to help she is the most deserving woman. My mum Lyn Hepburn is an amazing, loving and generous lady who has done everything for everyone her entire life. .

"Currently every day, all day, she is listening to the hype and buildup of Adam coming to New Zealand, and I mean it when I say it is giving her a will to live.

"Even her doctors and hospice nurses have been bombarded with Adam Lambert and although most didn't know who he was they are all experts now haha. Mum calls Adam her modern-day Elvis."

The Hits host Polly Gillespie called Mrs Hepburn on Tuesday to tell her she and her daughters would be flown up to Auckland, given tickets to the concert, accommodation and a meet-and-greet with Lambert.

Before the concert yesterday, Mrs Kiernan told the Rotorua Daily Post it all felt surreal.

"If Mum could meet one person in the world, he is the absolute number one. It's an absolute dream for her and we're grateful we're able to share in this with her."

Rotorua The Hits host Paul Hickey said it was great to see a local recognised and acknowledged throughout the country on a nationwide show.