Friday, September 6, 2013


Katy Perry claims her music career was inspired by Freddie Mercury, and says the Queen star's fingerprint is 'all over her'.

The singer has always cited Mercury as one of her greatest influences, and previous praised his 'don't give a fuck' attitude. Now, in a new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she credits the music icon with influencing her entire career.

"Queen's track 'Killer Queen' made me discover music and helped me come into my own at the age of 15," she tells the magazine. "The way Freddie Mercury delivered his lyrics just made me feel like a confident woman; I'd say his fingerprint is all over me in general. And I also love the idea of a woman who reigns and has power, like Queen Elizabeth in the UK."

Katy Perry is set for a No.1 single in the UK this week, after 'Roar' toppled Ellie Gouling from the top of the chart with her single, 'Burn'.

By Wednesday this week, Perry had sold nearly 103,000 copies of the first release from her third studio album, and is on track to score the fastest selling single of 2013. The record is currently held by Avicii with his own chart topper, 'Wake Me Up', which sold over 266,000 copies in its week of release in July.