Monday, December 12, 2011

Brian May on Queen's future...

The guitarist on where they go after their 40th anniversary year

2011 has been quite the year for Queen who celebrated their 40th anniversary. As well as re-releasing, remastered versions of their back catalogue they also picked up a number of awards including Lifetime Acheivement at the Q Awards and were named Global Icons at the MTV Europe Awards.

"It really is great to be appreciated and to be part of what is often regarded as a young persons medium," Brian May told 6 Music.

As for the highlight of the year: "The MTV Awards was a highlight, working with Adam Lambert properly was a thrill, he is a wonderful singer, great performer."

So where do the band, which is essentially just Brian May and Roger Taylor, go from here?

This is a question Brian May keeps asking himself.

"Are we Queen? in a sense we are but in another sense we never can be. We keep getting asked to do things which is great but it's that being Queen thing, I think we'll have to make a film Being Queen, what does it mean? The good thing about it is, we are a sort of open book, we can interact with people when it comes up."

However, it looks like there is still unheard material kicking about that may see the light of day.

"We are not actually working on dredging loads and loads stuff up, we just find stuff now and again that is interesting. There is a couple of very interesting tapes with Freddie singing with Michael Jackson that we're looking at," the guitarist explained. "Those kind of things we can work on together and it's nice that in a sense Freddie is still involved in it."

Credit for this post: Brian May News