Sunday, September 6, 2015

Foo Fighters joined by Queen and Led Zeppelin members to form 'supergroup' for UK return 2015

The Foo Fighters have begun the relaunch of their UK stage tour accompanied by members of Queen and Led Zeppelin.

After a stage injury at a show in Sweden in June in which led singer David Grohl severely injured his leg, the Foo Fighters were forced to cancel four international and UK concerts.

The cancellations included stepping down as headliners for Glastonbury festival on medical advice.

The band told fans at the time that it was "just not physically possible" for them to keep the dates.

A show at the Milton Keynes Bowl on Saturday was the first gig back for the band after surgery to repair Grohl's leg.

Grohl performed a two-and-a-half-hour extended set with his leg in a cast and sitting on a motorised throne, which he said he designed while in hospital as "high as a kite" on painkillers.

The throne, made of guitar necks shoots lights and smoke out of it "like a UFO", Grohl said.

Queen's Roger Taylor and Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones joined the Foo Fighters to play Under Pressure.

"I don't know if ya'll have ever seen a super group? Well, This is a super-duper group," Grohl told the audience, according to the BBC.

"Let me just tell you that the Foo Fighters, right now, are living out our rock'n'roll fantasy."