Friday, August 2, 2013

Adam Lambert Set to Make His 1st Stateside Stop with Queen. For Lambert, Appearing with Queen Has Been a Dream Come True...

For Adam Lambert, appearing with Queen has been a dream come true — and not just because he got to fill in for hero Freddie Mercury. The American Idol finalist says he also got some great insights into the classic rock era.

Lambert first appeared with Brian May and Roger Taylor during the Season 8 Idol finale, back in 2009, and the Queen duo were impressed enough to invite him to appear again with them at the 2011 MTV Europe Video Music Awards. Still, by the time an invite came to play a series of high-profile gigs as Queen last summer, there wasn’t much time to prepare.

“It was such an honor to do a full, hour-and-a-half long set with them,” Lambert tells Ryan Seacrest in this clip. “I was so nervous, at first. I flew over to London to start rehearsals with them, and we only had 10 days scheduled for these big shows. It was a lot of material to learn, but they really made me feel comfortable.”

Lambert is now set to make his first stateside stop with Queen, hitting Las Vegas’ iHeartRadio Festival on September 20, 2013. He’s already getting geared up for the experience.

“They’re really cool guys,” he says. “It was almost like chilling on a family vacation with your grandparents — you know, with your cool uncle, and your cool grandpa. They’re like the cool guys that partied in the 1970s, and they’re telling great stories — and also telling me all kinds of things about Freddie Mercury, who obviously is like an idol. I got an inside scoop of what it was really like, which was really cool.”