Thursday, June 6, 2013

Diableries: The Newest Book by Brian May

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Diableries, the newest book by Brian May, and fellow specialists in stereo photography, Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming, is being presented by Brian May himself in the annual National Stereoscopic Association Convention held in Traverse City, Michigan, USA, this weekend.

These are only a few advanced copies, but the full production will go on public sale by the end of October 2013.

The book contains information and the largest collection of 19th Century French Stereo photography from the Diableries series, containing stereographic images of Devilish characters with some very interesting special effects for that time.

Tweeted by Brian, directly from Traverse City, Mi. USA

Please visit Brian's own London Stereoscopic Company LTD's website for further information:

And also pay a visit to Brian May's official website's Soapbox (Brian's blog) where he makes an interesting observation about evil on our current society, specifically on the British Government's decision of culling badgers, while he talks of his brand new advanced prints of Diableries: