Monday, June 10, 2013

Brian May: His mysterious adventures in Midwestern and Northern USA

June 10, 2013
by Julieta Badillo

Last week, Dr. Brian May announced on his Twitter account that he was making a long journey. Turns out he went to the least expected place: Fargo, North Dakota. The full reason of his journey is unknown, other than he mentioned in a local restaurant, that he was visiting a "friend". The local news reported this very unusual visit to their land. Later on, he tweeted a photograph of him next to a massive Case tractor, with this message: (@DrBrianMay ) "Thank you Fargo, North Dakota ! I have seen the future ! Bri."

Photo: Brian May

Video of the local TV news:  ValleyNewsLive Vid.

Full article from local news: ValleyNewsLive

So, the full story and reason for this visit will remain a mystery for the time being. Who was this friend he visited? Why? What was the visit to the tractor dealing company all about?  We might never know.

Later, he let it be known through his Twitter account that he had been flown to Traverse City, Michigan, alongside his guitar -even though he didn't play it publicly, to attend the 39th National Stereoscopic Association Convention held in the Traverse City Resort.

Photo: Brian May

Before the start of the convention, he was broadcasted on a friendly, relaxed, long interview through local rock radio station KLT 97.5, where he spoke of many subjects including stereoscopic photograpy, his new book, 3D image technology, music, and his participation on the campaign to stop the badger cull recently aproved by the British Government.

Here is the audio from that interview:

Photo: Brian May, London Stereoscopic Company

During the course of the convention he presented his newest book called Diableries, Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, which compiles a very rare collection of stereoscopic images created in the 19th Century in France. Stereoscopic photography has been a subject of interest of Dr. May along his life, to the point where he has become an specialist on the matter, and recreated the once known London Stereoscopic Co. as a new company owned by him, to distribute his books, stereoscopic cards and the OWL stereoscopic viewers of his own creation.

To order book and see more information:

On the morning of Saturday, June 8th, he presented the book, signed autographs for the stereoscopic fans, as well as for the old-time Queen fans, and gave a keynote speech during the evening. This gave closure to his public activities in the event.

An excerpt from his speech can be seen here: 

Dr. Brian May: Rock Legend, Book Author, Doctor in Astrophysics, Animal Activist, Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University from 2008 to 2013, and Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire as appointed by HM the Queen on 2005... A true Modern Renaissance Man!

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