Saturday, March 23, 2013

‘We still would have been making Queen albums’: Brian May ruminates on what might have been

Credit: Somethingelsereviews

Guitarist Brian May says Queen’s record-smashing musical “We Will Rock You” is something Freddie Mercury would have loved. It’s just one of the many ways, the guitarist adds, that the late frontman remains a part of their lives.

Mercury died of AIDS complications, but not before establishing his own solo career. May and fellow co-founding member Roger Taylor have also been active away from the Queen franchise. May says they likely would have continued on in this way, even had Mercury lived. He’s just as certain, too, that Queen would still be making original albums.

“I think life would have been a little bit similar to the way it is now,” May tells in the attached video. “We always came and went out of the mothership, as it were. Queen was our great vehicle, but as time went on, we certainly would go out and do other things, and then come back. I think it still would have been that way. I’m sure we still would have been making Queen albums. It was always such a stimulating experience to work together, and bounce ideas off of each other. I do miss that.”

In Mercury’s absence, Queen has toured with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert. But it’s the musical “We Will Rock You” that has most consistently galvanized fans over the past decade. The show has become the longest running musical ever at the Dominion Theatre located in London’s West End — besting “Grease.”

“Freddie is so much in our lives, it’s incredible,” May adds, “and in every aspect, in particular with the musical, which Freddie would have loved, I’m sure.”