Monday, December 10, 2012

Brian May launches Queen 3D photo set

Credit: 3D Focus

Queen guitarist and stereoscopic expert Brian May wishes everyone “a Stereoscopic Queen Christmas!” with new 3D photo packages.

With the help of the London Stereoscopic Company team, Brian May has retrieved and digitally restored 3D images he took during the Queen touring days, using a Stereo Realist camera. Queen series 1 and 2 are designed to be viewed in the OWL viewer – a viewer launched with Brian May’s book, A Village Lost and Found, last year.

There are two sets of 12 Queen stereo photos as well as a new addition to the OWL – the OWL nest; a London Stereoscopic Company crest embossed box which secures the OWL viewer and card sets.

There is also an astronomy set available (Brian May is an Astrophysicist) he created using material from various credited sources.  A second astro set is due soon as well as various Nature studies.

Brian May writes “I'm excited ! Yes, even amongst the immense emotional pitch of playing Queen and Adam Lambert concerts, I still get excited about stereo cards … and these are the long-awaited Queen cards, which I've been working on for months … These are the first two series of 12, plus two bonus cards for each set. It's very satisfying to see these 'wet proofs' – after all this time … the result of many updates and re-edits. It's Queen in the Freddie days, at various times … converted from 35mm film stereos – mainly using a Stereo Realist camera. I hope they will be enjoyed …”

You can purchase the sets and OWL viewer from the London Stereoscopic Society website.